Irrespective of the fact "Chateau de Val" uses modern instruments, such as destemmer or crushing the grapes with putting the bundles out, hydraulic press and temperature management, we observe the traditional method of wine producing. All our red wines ferment in open oak barrels of 1200 litres at  a temperature of  27 ° – 32 ° C. After that begins the maceration process with rinsing  three times daily for a period of 8-30 days. The malolactic fermentation is obligatory. Because of the lowering of the temperatures in the end of October in many cases the malolactic fermentation of our wines happens in the spring of the nexr year. After the end of maceration we disgorge the wine in new oak barrels of 225 - 500 litres ( we do not press the marcs and do not use pressed wine). The whole range of our wines is Free Rune or Samotok. For the ageing of wine (from 12 to 18 months) we use three types of French oak, one type American oak and three types of Bulgarian oak.; Meanwhile the decanting of wine is only two or three times with strict observation of health requirements, oxygen exposure and refilling of the oaks at every 7 days at a temperature of 20 ° C.; As our red wines are obtained from about 12 vine varieties, their coupage in separate lots and oaks is a complicated procedure. Small quantities of wine of every oak are sent to a commission, specially organized by us and consisting of professional oenologists and wine-making experts, sommeliers, wine-marketers, our clients, etc. Once the wine has been coupaged we send samples in the National Vine and Wine Chamber and certified laboratories for analysis of alcoholic beverages. After the results are received we begin complex coupage procedures which reqiure Calculus knowledge.; The wine is ready for bottling which is made by a modern bottling line - in this type of technology the wine does not pass through pumps, filters or other tools but goes directly to the bottle without being expose to any oxygenation.; All wines of our white wine range are produced in three styles: Burgundy style, the other is Champagne method  and the third is White Bordeaux. They include light pressing by a hydraulic press with separating the grape juice in 225 - 500 litre barrique in which fementation happens at temperature of  14 ° – 18 ° C for 20-30 days.; In most of the cases, Chardonnay for example, there is a malolactic fermentation in Burgundy style. In our special selection white wine called Cuvee we use Bordeaux style in which a great part of grape is covered with characteristic mould - the so called "Botrytis cinerea".; When using the third style, Sauvignon Blanc ferments at very low temperature (between 12 ° – 15 ° C) without malolactic fermentation and lees in order to keep its freshness as most as possible and in the same time to be ready for comsumption in 8 months.; I BELIEVE THAT WINE-MAKING IS NOT A BUSINESS BUT CULTURE - this is my philosophy - my wine to be pleasant and tasteful at every sip, to be delicious in mouthfeel and intellect, to be able to keep the interest of the one who drinks it, to render intense aroma and flavour without being heavy, to have ageing capacity and becomes better and better, to reflect its place of origin (its terroir), to be able to express the specific microclimate and unique location of the vineyard and its soil characteristics. To reflect the desire, endeavours and passion of the wine-maker. For additional information concerning the technology of wine - making, please contact via the following e-mail:

Yours faithfully; VAL MARKOV

Wine-producer and President of "CHATEAU DE VAL"