Chardonnay RESERVE 2007

This piece of art of wine-making has been made from carefully selected grapes from "Chateau de Val" vineyards. In this wine the noble character of  Chardonnay variety is strongly expressed. Fermented and aged in new oak barrels. It is possible to find natural sediments which do not impact its splendid aroma and flavour characteristiscs. We recommend gentle decanting.; Bacchus Magazine for the wine;Magnificent olive colour with glance. Complex, specific nose: caramel, cream, croissant, coffee, raisins, ceps, green figs. With a round and powerful body, well-balanced with a hint of fattiness. Rich flavur. Spectacular and special wine.

ALC. 13.5 % BY VOL.

Price: 35.00 BGN
Отлежало вино